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Tracey van Marcke is the Founder and “TvM” behind TvM Impact Consulting. As the former CEO of a nonprofit organization, she knows firsthand how challenging it can be to keep an eye on the big picture and the daily details all at once. Tracey’s expertise in operations and strategy have provided her with the skills to harness limited resources and engage and inspire teams and partners to get things done. She has always taken an entrepreneurial approach to her work in the nonprofit sector – so founding TvM Impact Consulting is a natural next step in her drive to serve others.

Tracey’s career in non-profit, association, and healthcare leadership has been focused on rapid growth and organizational transformation. She is laser focused on results and creative solutions to maximize impact. Tracey is recognized for her ability to build high-performing teams that work smarter – not just harder – and is passionate about identifying and building upon the strengths of others and partnering towards solutions. 

Tracey gained critical knowledge of Virginia’s healthcare, nonprofit, and safety net organizations as the CEO of the Virginia Hospital & Healthcare Association’s affiliated nonprofit, VHHA Foundation, and through her role at the Virginia Health Care Foundation. 

After growing up “down the shore” and graduating from college in New Jersey, Tracey received a Master of Health Administration (MHA) degree from Cornell University, where she was freezing cold for two straight years. She returned to New Jersey to marry her husband, Quentin, and gained invaluable experience at The Valley Health System in Ridgewood, serving in leadership roles that gave her direct access to the hospital Board of Trustees, Medical Staff Board, and executive staff from the beginning of her career. While at Valley, she gave birth to her first child in a suite previously occupied by a famous celebrity, and was ultimately convinced by her husband, a University of Richmond Spider, to head south for the warmer climate in Virginia. After rounding out the family with a second child, Richmond became home nearly 20 years ago.